We simplify tax preparation for income properties.

Give your CPA exactly what they need to file your tax returns using the income you actually earned – without missing key deductions and without losing a weekend to paperwork or manual calculations.
Made specifically for income property owners with the functionality you need, and nothing else.
Upload your reports from Airbnb and/or Vrbo.
Connect your bank account.
Voila! Schedule E or C forms are complete.
Our motto

They say tax.
We say relax.

Perch is a simple app for vacation property owners that takes in payout reports and bank feeds, takes out all the deductions, and produces the forms needed to finish your tax returns faster and easier.
Get it right

Don’t hurt your brain.

Meet new IRS reporting requirements and ensure you’re not overpaying in taxes. Whether you file your own taxes or rely on a CPA, Perch provides exactly what you need to account for your income property so your taxes are done right.
Automate financial tasks

Complete tax prep in minutes.

Get income statements, Schedules E or C, and 1099 reconciliation – by property – with just a few clicks. (Trust, us, you need these things.)
Barely lifting a finger

Get organized.

No more dodging emails or phone calls from your CPA because you’re not prepared. No more pulling an all-nighter to file your taxes on time. Everything you need to account for your rental property income is built into Perch.